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Commercial Roof Replace

a roofer on the top of the house roof metal brace

When it comes to commercial roofing, there are many things to consider for you to have the roof which best suits your purposes and needs. We know that replacing a roof can be a lot of hard and loud work which can affect productivity in your workplace. This is why we put extra planning into our project timeline to ensure that your companies downtime is kept to a minimum. So if you like the idea of a roofing company that puts your company needs first, then look no further than Albuquerque Roofing Guys for all your commercial roofing needs.



There are many benefits of replacing your commercial roof. There are the obvious ones like protecting your companies interior and equipment from leaks that might occur when it rains. Another one is the safety factor which your company and employees deserve. However, one of the main reasons that we have found for people wanting to replace their commercial roofs is the curb appeal factor. When new customers or potential clients see your business, you don’t want them to see an old rundown roof as that lacks the character and charm that you want from a company you do business with. So a new roof can certainly help attract new customers.



One of the lesser-known benefits of replacing your commercial roof is the energy efficiency factor. When your roof is old and worn out, the insulation does not work properly and a lot of heat can escape the building which in turn increases your heating bill. The opposite effect is true in the summer where too much heat gets in and in turn, increases your cooling bill. So get in touch with us to find out which materials are the best for keeping the heat in during winter and keeping the heat out during the summer. Your customers and staff will be very happy that you did.



At the end of the day, all roofs need maintenance and a little love and care from time to time. However, if your roof is too dilapidated and has been repaired numerous times, then at some point it makes financial sense to bite the bullet and have your roof replaced. The reality of the matter is that it will end up saving you money in the long run even though there is a greater initial outlay. Installing one of our new roofs with the quality materials that we use means that you put yourself in the best possible position to do very little maintenance over the next few years.


Different Materials

Now here we get to the fun part! One of the joys of replacing your commercial roof is deciding which type of material is the best fit moving forward. You don't have to be stuck in the past and go with the default by installing what already existed. As the years have gone on, many new materials have become popular because of their unique benefits. So making the choice can be exciting because you can modernize your company with something as simple as the material that you use. So contact us to learn more about which type of material will be the best for your company.

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