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Roofers Near Me

Roofers Near Me in Albuquerque

If you are reading this, chances are that it is currently winter in Albuquerque New Mexico. The winters here can get bitterly cold and last for a few months. If you have noticed the roofs of homes around your neighborhood and property, they may be covered with a thick layer of heavy snow. Regardless if we’re not expecting any more snow anytime soon, the roof could still use some maintenance while it’s cold outside to save yourself from major headaches later on or even possible accidents such as falling through or slipping off the roof. Here are some tips on how to maintain your home’s roof during this time by Albuquerque Roofers Near Me:

1) Check Your Roof For Ice Dams – Ice dams form over areas where heat escapes from inside the house and melts the snow on the roof. When they re-freeze, they can cause ice dams to form which can be dangerous.

2) Check For Leaks – If you notice any wet spots under your ceiling or hear dripping, make sure to check it out immediately; this could potentially save you from a big mess later on.

3) Make Sure Everything is Tightened Down – Now that we’re in winter and everything has been shut down for a while, what have you been meaning to do? Do you have loose shingles on your roof that need to be tightened down before anything happens? Maybe a few tiles are loose and need some tightening? No matter what needs to get done, don’t put it off until spring because by then, you might end up with some serious problems (collapsed roof, water damage inside of your ceiling).

4) Snow Removal – The last thing you want to do is fall off a slippery roof that has a thick layer of ice or snow. It’s a bad idea to wait until the spring thaw to remove it since it could cause some dangerous conditions. If you have access from both sides of your roof and it’s not too high up, hire Albuquerque roofers to come to remove the snow so you don’t have to worry about any safety measures!

5) Inspect Your Chimney – Make sure there aren’t any cracks around the chimney flue before closing up for winter. If you have noticed them in previous years, make sure to take care of them now Calling local Albuquerque Roofers Near Me will help figure it out for you.

6) Inspect The Shingles – If you notice any missing or damaged shingles, make sure to replace them as soon as possible; they could cause some damage if left alone throughout the winter. Depending on how many are damaged, this might cost you a little bit (a few hundred dollars), but it’s for your own safety and well-being during these colder months!

7) Inspect Your Gutters – Make sure that all of the gutters are clear before winter sets in to avoid water overflows and ice buildups which can cause major problems later on. They may need repairs too so keep an eye out for any loose parts or holes in the side which would allow water to flow through easily.

8) Inspect Your Roof Edge – Lastly, make sure that the roof edge is properly sealed around the perimeter to keep water from seeping in behind it. This can cause a buildup of ice and snow which will eventually fall off and hit passersby below! Make sure to check all of these things as soon as possible before winter sets in so you don’t have trouble with your roof later on. Trust us, it’s much easier now than towards the end of spring or early summer when there’s still a mound of heavy snow sitting high atop your property! Don’t wait until then because you could potentially have a collapsed roof depending on how badly it is damaged. If you’re having some problems with your roof or think it might need some maintenance due to the season, give us a call at Albuquerque Roofers Near Me.